The Federation

Cracking the Language Barrier assembles all European research and innovation projects as well as all related community organisations working on or with cross-lingual or multi-lingual technologies, in neighbouring areas or on closely related topics. In this umbrella initiative we collaborate on our joint objective to overcome any kind of language and communication barriers with the help of sophisticated language technologies.

Among the areas of collaboration are shared scientific tasks and evaluation campaigns, strategy papers (such as the Strategic Agenda for the Multilingual Digital Single Market), data management, resource and technology repositories as well as events and dissemination activities such as this joint website.


META-FORUM 2017 - Towards a Human Language Project

META-FORUM 2017 is an international conference on powerful and innovative language technologies for the multilingual information society, the data value chain and the information market place.


  • Invited keynote: Facebook (USA)
  • H2020 and CEF: An Update from the European Commission
  • Strategic Agenda for the Multilingual Digital Single Market
  • Shaping the Human Language Project
  • News from the Language Communities
  • Regional Initiatives – Collaborating towards the Human Language Project
  • The Future of European MT Research
  • European Language Technology Industry
  • Research Excellence in Language Technologies featuring ERC Grant Holders
  • Poster Sessions and Software Demos


We are looking forward to seeing you in Brussels!

Registration is, as usual, free of charge.