The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is the world’s leading trade association for the language industry. As a non-profit organization, we support our member companies and the language sector by creating communities, championing standards, sharing knowledge, and advancing technology.

For more information please visit
For more information please visit

GALA’s vision is to be the voice for the language industry and the resource for the language enterprise. We support our members and the language industry by creating communities, championing standards, sharing knowledge, and advancing technology.

  • GALA is a worldwide, independent community for the professional business of translation, localization, and interpreting.
  • We offer a non-biased platform for information-sharing and collaboration, training and professional development.
  • GALA publications, online training, events, and other networking and development programs help language professionals improve individual and organizational performance to meet the demands of multilingual markets.
  • We create and support open, non-proprietary efforts to expand and strengthen the language industry through standards, projects, and initiatives with other organizations and institutions.
  • GALA actively promotes translation, localization, and interpreting as essential to global business. Our outreach educates the general business community about the enormous benefits that the language enterprise brings to global business.
  • GALA advocates for the importance of the translation, localization, and interpreting to policymakers, educators, and governments.
  • We promote our member companies to the global business community.

GALA members are companies and organizations around the world that:

  • provide language services, including translation, localization, interpreting, globalization, internationalization, and more;
  • develop language technology and software tools in areas such as translation, analytics, terminology, workflow, and others;
  • use language, translation, localization, and interpreting services and technologies to reach their global audiences and markets;
  • provide research and language education, training, and professional development;
  • offer consulting to improve the language enterprise.



Klaus Fleischmann
Allison Ferch
Executive Director