The European Digital Single Market, one of the main goals of Europe 2020, is still fragmented due to language barriers. These barriers must be overcome by language technology (LT) like Machine Translation (MT) solutions. To support these endeavours to reach an online EU internal market free of language barriers, it is necessary to join, benchmark the quality and facilitate the access to language resources. With this aim has been created LT_Observatory. Its 5 main objectives are:

  1. Identification of language resources in existent pools and in other national resources based on pre-identified user needs.
  2. Make these Language Resources practically usable through offering different entry points and proposing criteria and methodologies for their benchmarking and qualitative improvement.
  3. Identify national language strategies and policies as well as funding resources to realise the Multilingual Digital Single Market.
  4. Foster cooperation across stakeholders through targeted dialogue events, to define a practical MT deployment roadmap for the future of Europe’s Multilingual landscape.
  5. Create the on-line LT-Observatory as a sustainable infrastructure for access to the “LT-Ecosystem” tools and resources.